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Adapting to New Normal

The protection of children and our educator is important. As we reopen our facility, we are taking full precautions that are necessary to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

To ensure safe school operation, we strictly ask the following:


  • Stay home when sick or showing any Covid-19 like symptoms

  • Wear a mask to cover the nose and mouth

  • Follow all guidelines when on school property.


  • Upon arrival, each child will undergo temperature screening using no-contact thermometers and will be asked about any potential symptoms.


  • All children and teachers will wear face coverings (mouth and nose) at all times throughout the school day and practice social distancing.


  • Each child will keep at least 6 feet distance, use personal materials, and assigned toys in their own space.  All children and staff will wear indoor shoes.


  • Lunch will be served on a disposable plate individually.  Personal lunch can be brought from home and must be notified of the teacher or admins.


  • All children and teachers will frequently wash their hands throughout the day with soap and water.  Frequently touched surfaces and objects will be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly.


  • Each child will be at their assigned space and join the teacher with physical activities.

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