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Read from the Start October Booklist " Learning Our Emotions"

Monthly Activity: Expression of Emotions

Young children often need help naming, expressing, and understanding their emotions. The activities below provide useful ways to start conversations with your child to help them learn about and express their feelings in healthy ways.

  1. Act It Out: Children often work through their biggest feelings while pretending. Fill a box with clothing you no longer wear (i.e. t-shirts, shoes, and hats), along with other props, such as wooden spoons, pillowcases, and paper-towel rolls. As children play and create their own imaginary world, ask, “How does this character feel? Why are they feeling  ?”

  2. Share Emotions: Children are more likely to share emotions if they see grown-ups doing it too. During mealtime, go around the table and share one thing you did and one emotion you felt that day. When we name emotions, children learn to do the same.

  3. Build on Books: Use books as a way to demonstrate big feelings. While reading, stop to ask your child, “How does this character feel? Why do you think they feel this way? Have you ever felt that way?”

  4. Heart to Art: Art is a helpful tool to express or talk about emotions. Ask your child, “Can you draw a happy thing that happened today?” Or if your child shows you their artwork, you can say, “Tell me how this character is feeling,” or, “This drawing reminds me of a time when I felt ____.”

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